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#restylenovember autumn fashion fashion challenge

This is the headline I wanted to see in my feed for some time now. Fast fashion is wrong for so many reasons that it should not be popular by now.
First of all, because poor quality things don’t last long. Someone will say: ‘yeah, but so do trends’.
Congratulations! We got to the root of the problem pretty fast.
Thousands of bloggers, influencers and celebrities wearing new outfit every time they go...no, not even on the red carpet, but to walk their dog that it became a sign of success.
Thanks to that, women feel the need to get a new set of clothes for every new event. A lot of them end up with a closet full of things that do not work with each other and almost never worn twice. Sounds familiar? It does to me. I had one of these closets until I realised that it doesn’t make sense, it’s not practical, it’s time consuming, it’s wasteful.
So I started thinking of ways of making an impact beyond my own closet...
To be continued.....


This is the post that inspired the #restylenovember challenge on instagram. Four weeks to integrate an item we, @dineadesign and @malinko_jewelry chose for each other from our collections, and incorporate it in 4 different styles of clothing the common element being the same accessory. Rules are as follow: nothing new, everything we use we must have in stock and in our own closset. We do not need to be wastefull to be creative and that is the whole point of creating 3D printed jewelry, the sustainable point of it all, from production with only as much material as needed, producing only as many items as are needed, in the style and color of our customers. It is not fast fashion, it is fashion that lasts for a long time and that is impactfull in that way. Pieces that are custom order, where the majority of the time is spent on production not on shipping from the other side of the world. 

The piece I chose from Malinkos gallery is :

Dragonfly 3D printed Earrings

And the piece I have to restyle from my collection, that Malinko chose for me is the Luna Cuff, in blue. 

So let the games begin:

4 weeks, 4 different outfits under november. I am really curios what we come up with and how this challenge will end up surprising all of us. If you want to join our challenge, just use the #restylenovember in your posts and we will share it in our stories. 


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