Restyle november - part 01

#restylenovember collection dineadesign fashion fashion challenge

For the first week of november I chose the White Moon hoodie dress with the blue Luna cuff, pair of tights and my autumn boots of a rock inspiration. Now, I rarely leave the house without my glasses (no, they are not just fashionable - they help me see better). 

I think everyone owns a least a hoody, regardless of gender, and it can be styled in different scenarios as follows:

  • athleisure look
  • layered look
  • combined with a leather jacket
  • combined with tailoring
  • streetwear

I opted for athleisure for the first week challenge using two of the products in my store and stock: 


I usually opt for this style when I travel, whether it is a short trip arround the county or longer trips, hoodie, boots and a layered athleisure look is what I opt for regardless of season. My comfort is more important for me than my visual integration in the place I am visiting. That is why I chose to shoot this set out at a castle build in 1813 that now has the fuction of a restaurant - because of the visual inbalance. 








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