Sprout Kit - Module 01
Sprout Kit - Module 01
Sprout Kit - Module 01
Sprout Kit - Module 01
Sprout Kit - Module 01

Sprout Kit - Module 01

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Home made for home use. Using creativity, love for geometry, shared collaboration and 3D printing the first version of the SproutKit module was born: Module 01. Made to be wall mounted or stacked vertically along a wall this module will help you grow your garden with style in your apartment. 

Design collaboration between Stefania Dinea and Katie Larsen

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The Module 01 which is the frame, frame cap and the pot for soil with a mini tag. 

Not included

Soil and seeds in this version 



Hexagon shaped

Long diagonal: 19.3 cm

Hexagon side: 9.65

Weight: 300 g


Material E-pla 

add:layer E-PLA (short for Easy PLA) is made out of the bio-degradeable bio-plastics PLA and it is our most easy-to-use material, with the widest selection of colors. If you are mainly printing visual models in many colors, this is the material for you.

The low process temperature in our production makes the filament low in friction as well as it preserves the fine characteristics of the polymer. (more info)

The future looks busy:

This is version one and a constant evolution of this product set and concept will continue to populate this section.  



Product available in Sweden and Denmark only. All proceeds go to further funding our project into more variation and downloadable digital material. 

Like most things on this website, this product is made to order, however we usually have 2-3 pieces around for test and marketing. If out of stock, 1 modules takes two days to manufacture.