The Brand Dinea Design

Dinea Design is an ongoing project that reflects explorations of an architect passionate about technology in the final product of wearable jewelry. With the help of 3D printing technology, one can share intricate design that aims to challenge the scale and organic form. Influences come from pop culture, architecture and geometric fashion design.

The brand aims to create 3D printed jewelry at a human pace with the help of technology, every design is tested in terms of wearability, strength, and design before being released to the market.

The distinctive look of the brand is mixing two materials in one jewelry piece – precious metals and plastic which is meant to create contrast, focus on playfulness and adaptivity offering a wide variety of customization to the entire line. With one piece you can switch between casual and elegant, by just adding or removing a piece and most important you can always represent your mood by switching the colors of the plastic to match it.

Sustainability is a strong aspect of the brand and that is why it offers a variety of materials suitable to everyone’s needs, adjusted sizes so we have a size for everyone, print to order ensures that no waste is being generated from the process and producing only as much as you order, also production is made local in your country which ensures faster deliveries and no pointless damage to the environment.

Stefania Dinea 


I am a junior architect with a strong passion for designing jewelry and home geometrically based decoration. Advance geometry and parametric design in my opinion is a beautiful thing that needs to be shared to the world, so this is me, sharing my exploration in the form of accessories.

To follow my journey you can check my website www.dineadesign.com

I strongly believe in being sustainable and making the process as easy as possible for both myself and my customers. I invite you to cut the extra travel time of the products that will end up polluting even more, to cut down the extra plastic package that one could use for repacking, to cut down the time of wait, and to cut down where it hurts – cut down the extra cost – order directly from the manufacturer.

Thank you.

//Stefania Dinea