3D design for product development

3D design for product development

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We can create your ideas in 3D, from schematics to a variation of formats that can be used to produce your product and take it to the factory and then sell it online. All product right will remain yours we are just a medium that converts your 2D sketches in a 3D solution. 


5 Reasons to use advertiser for your special event:

Reach your audience

Get Creative!

Something tangible



This service covers the following Items:

  • jewellery
  • home decor
  • accessories
  • product ideas

This service DOES NOT cover the following Items:

  • game figurines
  • cosplay props

What we need to know from you:

  • a fixed idea of your end result product
  • a meeting in which we will discuss what is needed

Before making a purchase please contact us at info@dineadesign.com with the message 3D design for product development

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